Happy New Year from our new blog: from Italy to the U.S.A. for love and with love!

New York Statue of Liberty

New York Statue of Liberty

One of our New Year’s Resolutions is launching our “Le CuGine d’America” blog and finally here it is!

We have been busy traveling to and back from Italy during Christmas vacation, and once returned to Maine and Tennessee we had to settle back to our daily routines, getting used to the chilly temperatures (in Italy we had 65 F almost every day, and in Maine we had -3 F upon our arrival!), fighting against the jet lag, settling kids’ back to school, washing laundry, filling our empty fridges and pantries with lots of healthy goodies, downloading our Italian “vacation” pictures…well, now we feel ready for our blog launch.

I hope you will enjoy our food and photography inspirations as much as we do, now and then we will mix our cooking adventures, with experiences about traveling and living abroad, about being multitasking women, juggling motherhood with professional and graduate student life. Otherwise our life would be too boring, right?

And what are your New Year resolutions? Did you already check any of them off the list?

Happy 2013 and thanks for stopping by,

Linda & Nic

Le CuGine d’America – The American cousins

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from our new blog: from Italy to the U.S.A. for love and with love!

    • Ame, seguici, magari riusciamo a darti ispirazione per qualche piatto sano e appetitoso. Ma vai tranquillo, ci sarà anche qualcosa di trasgressivo!


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